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New Zealand owned and operated, we are a team of dedicated individuals who have designed cutting edge automated video creation, communication & marketing software. Our values are not just static words, they are written with motion.

Your Brand | Design Freedom |Full Automation | Unlimited Scale | For People

Render markets for you so you can stay focused on doing what you do best. 


  • Reach more customers automatically with ZERO EFFORT

  • We make your products STAND OUT.

  • We make your brand POP.

  • Supercharge YOUR BRAND today with zero effort by integrating with Render. 

  • Not sure what to do, but feeling like you should?  You’re not alone, that’s why we built render. 

Who’s who in the Zoo!



Head of Sales

With over 35 years experience in business ownership and project management in the Construction Services Industry Andy joins the Render team to head the sales.

Andy also has enthusiastic involvement in the Car and property Industry.

His experience has further fuelled him to use his strengths in support of the Render team, in assisting the exciting Render product to benefit businesses in accelerating their video marketing to new heights .

Just call Andy on 021 352 597 or email andy@render.nz



Head of Operations

 Often described as the glue that hangs everything together, (or the woman with curly hair and a loud laugh) Elona is the ‘behind the scenes go to’ for Render.

With a background in IT working for Air NZ for 15 years in the Corporate and Loyalty space, she brings a broad experience well suited to the team.

Passionate about helping businesses get results, she recognises that first you need to get to know a business, then you need to deliver what you say you’re going to deliver – it’s a simple motto that enables the Render team to achieve results.

Contact Elona on 021 49 49 30 or elona@render.nz 



Founder & CTO

Matthew Hare started coding in his bedroom back in the early 1990’s. Freelancing on bluechip projects in the UK across various technologies for Mobile, Desktop, Animation, Game design and more.  Even experimenting with Augmented Reality and 3D back in 2008. 

Since arriving in New Zealand he has become a seasoned DevOps and AgileOps specialist. Serving as CTO for The Instillery  for nearly 3 years.  Receiving an International award for the invention of a DevOps solution that enabled Fonterra to save money, improve process, increase productivity and visibility  and better manage 3rd party vendor relationships



Founder & Director of Design

Ryan started his career filming in the ‘car scene’ shooting Drift and Drag racing, which grew to the production of documentary-style films.

He later moved into the Corporate space in the support of building marketing and software solutions for multiple industries.

His understanding of the creation of true video and software gives a distinctive edge in his offering to render.

Our Goal

The irony about keeping things simple is that it’s very complex. But that’s our goal for you. We do complex, you do simple. If we can have that relationship, we can be friends.

Designed for you

Render is designed for your needs, we are adaptable and able to tailor make our product to your specific requirements.


We are not just ‘cheeky smart’, but we are also ‘smart smart’.  We know a trick or two when it comes to automated video design and delivery. 


Your value is only as good as our support.  We pride ourselves in making sure our product is available and will mould to the ever changing needs of our clients. 

What We Do

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