Autoplay Advantage

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Dealers who use the Autoplay Data Management tool have a commercial advantage, because a Render Integration now exists.

Ready. Set. Go.

As an Autoplay Client, we take your existing listing data and create custom designed videos that can be used on your Website, Social Media Channels and Direct Marketing. 

Render can craft unique videos for each listing, and for each phase of your sale – without you doing anything differently  – Zero touch required – you can stay focused on selling vehicles. 


Work with us to design a look and feel that suits your brand, and customise your videos based on Make, Vehicle type, colour and even time spent on the yard. 


Once we’ve had a chat, we take care of the rest, we really do, from design to delivery, and everything in-between.   


Our smart system, takes your vehicles and brand through a journey to where your customers are. Let’s talk.  

With no change to your current processes.


We can start generating interest in a Vehicle even before it’s on the Yard.

We continue on with multiple reach points to attract new customers as the vehicle arrives right through to sold and even post-sale for prospective retention and attraction of the purchaser’s friends and family.  Render works how you work! you drop the price, we build a video for that, want to encourage customers to take a Test Drive, well let’s do that with a video too.  

The sample videos below are designed to provide you with confidence indication that we are not design limited – we have intentionally kept the base image simple.  Unlike traditional automated video solutions we are not hindered by a one size fits all solution – we recognise that businesses come in all shapes and sizes – we will tailor make to fit your organisation. 

    This is just the beginning of how Render works for you.


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    A few of the many Video Options Available to Autoplay Dealers


    Coming soon

    Before a vehicle is even arrived in your yard, you can create a video that generates interest in the vehicle


    Just Arrived

    A vehicle is new to your Dealership and you want to make sure people know about it.


    Just Arrived for Social

    Different size and style options for different platforms – no problems – we’ve got that covered too. 


    Main Listing - Corporate

    We can custom design our videos to any look and feel – but our off the shelf videos are fantastic just the way they are. 


    Main Listing

    A Main Listing Video designed to provide buyers with all the important Vehicle information to help them make ‘informed’ decisions.


    Test Drive

    Encourage potential buyers to take the Vehicle for a Test Drive, while sharing important brand and dealership information.


    Price Drop

    Everybody loves a price drop – keep customers up to date by utilising the Price Drop and share function.



    Let everyone know you have sold a vehicle, for your database to your public audience.


    Congratulations Follow up

    Leave a lasting memory with a personal Congratulations video, auto share to social media, and direct to purchaser. Who knows who they will share it with. 



    Make sure people are aware of what your dealership looks like, and where your are with all points of contact.


    On Brand

    Render provides Design Freedom that enables your Brand to be represented as it should. All with out  manual effort.



    What’s the point of a team, if know one knows who you are. With render your whole team can have their own videos to share.

    Why are you still reading this, let’s plug you in and start pumping out some vids.